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The Physio Detective and The Physio Down There – Intro Podcast

TPDTPDTThis text is written by Lori Forner and her page here

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After Lori's bit, our introduction episode is below for you to listen to!

Here's Lori...

I just wanted to let you all know about a little project I have been working on with Antony Lo!

We have started recording a podcast together on all things pelvic health and I am also done editing the first few. This podcast is called "The Physio Detective & The Physio Down There". Obviously I am "The Physio Down There" and Antony is "The Physio Detective". We are doing this for women, for men, for the public, for the professional. We will interview leading experts in their field, answer listener questions, and discuss (and probably happily argue over) topics related to men's and women's health. We will discuss pelvic floor health, exercise, sport, bladders, bowels, nutrition, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, pregnancy, postnatal health...the list will go on. There will be shownotes on topics (probably via my blogs) and plenty of giggles...no matter how old you get, someone smirks at the word "anus".

I plan on giving information on upcoming courses around Australia for the professionals, as well as any fun event for everyone else. If you are an event coordinator and want me to mention something you are organizing, let me know.

Spoiler alert - an amazing colleague, and overall gorgeous pelvic floor physiotherapist, Fiona Rogers, has recorded our first interview episode! She talks about her profession and her business, Pelvic Floor Exercise, and gives super handy information on pelvic floor products! Don't miss it.

Stay tuned for information on when it's live! I am just working on becoming an IT expert in my own time :).

Lori (with Antony!)

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  1. Jonathan I think you may be onto something here!! My left sheludor is always acting up as is my left hip. And my left bra strap slips a lot. Hm . I will have to investigate this and get back to you. Keep up the good detective work. V

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