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Episode 1 – Fiona Rogers on The Physio Detective and The Physio Down There Podcast

Fiona RogersHere is our first episode!! Fiona Rogers explains some of the women's health products she sells in her online business called Pelvic Floor Exercise.

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In this episode #001, our very first interview episode, we were blessed to have Fiona Rogers join us. Not only is she an established pelvic floor physiotherapist in Queensland, Australia, she integrates this with her sports physiotherapy background and co-owns one of the leading pelvic floor product online distribution store. She shares her clincial tips on some of the top products she sells, as well as gives us insight into her new upcoming business venture in hosting educational courses for physiotherapists.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Links mentioned in the show (click on them to be directed to that link):


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AquaFlex Cones

Luna Beads

Pelvic Floor Educator

Electrical Stimulation




Femmax Vaginal Dilators

Joga 4 Men by Jo Milios


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