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Episode 2 – Upcoming Australian Pelvic Health Education on TPDTPDT Podcast

ep2In this episode, Lori Forner fills us in on some upcoming education events in Australia.

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The following text was written by Lori Forner and can be found here

In this epiosde, Antony is missing in action so I am talking to myself...just a bit strange but I am getting the hang of it. And I noticed I am out of breath talking...nerves :).

I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the exceptional education for physiotherapists and fitness professionals within Australia. I was going to also highlight my favourite online education providers but I want to make that a podcast on it's own as there is so much to talk about, in particular online services Antony provides...so watch this space, it will be coming as soon as I can get my kids to be quiet for recording :).

Enjoy the show!

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Links mentioned in the show (click on them to be directed to that link):

APA - Australian Physiotherapy Association

APA Physiotherapy Conference 2015

The Physio Detective Bulletproof Seminars

Talli Rosenbaum

WHTA - Women's Health Training Associates

AGES Pelvic Floor Symposium

Women's Health & Fitness Summit 2015

Pelvic Floor Exercise presents Michelle Lyons Tour Down Under

Michelle Lyons

CFA - Continence Foundation of Australia

CFA 24th National Conference on Incontinence

PFF - Pelvic Floor First campaign

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