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Episode 3 – Online Pelvic Health Education on TPDTPDT Podcast

Ep 3In this episode, Lori Forner fills us in on some of her favourite podcasts and websites which have both paid and free educational content.

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The following text was written by Lori Forner and can be found here

I am back on my lonesome in this episode as Antony Lo is still off having heaps of fun up in the North.

I decided to discuss some of my favourite sources of online education for the public, physiotherapists, fitness professionals and other health professionals. This, of course, also includes some of my favourite podcasts I listen to myself.


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Links mentioned in the show (click on them to be directed to that link):



Healthy, Wealthy & Smart 

Pain Science & Sensibility

Therapy Insiders 

Online Courses and Videos

Julie Wiebe's:

                   Introductory Pro Bundle,

                   The Pelvic Floor Piston: Foundation for Fitness,

                   Female Athletes: Ready for Impact?

Core Stability in the Child with Motor Challenges

Burrell Education with Jenny Burrell

Foo Foo Fun Club

Michelle Lyons

The Women's Health and Nutrition Certification with Jessica Drummond

Antony Lo Mentoring program

Other Special Mentions

ellephysio with Karen San Andres

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