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The Home Page of The Pelvic Health Podcast With Antony Lo and Lori Forner

The Pelvic Health Podcast Tidbit Tuesday – Sandy Hilton’s Pain Flare Up Toolkit

The Home Page of The Pelvic Health Podcast With Antony Lo and Lori FornerIn today's podcast, Sandy Hilton from Entropy Physio (Chicago, USA) joins Lori (in Brisbane, Australia) and Antony (skipping in from Auckland NZ!). Sandy tells us about her 3 different "buckets" following the biopsychosocial model to help educate people on what to do when they get a pain flare up...

  • Get comfy, practice breathing and selective relaxation (the biological)
  • Self-assessment of what changed and what can you do about it (the psychological)
  • Can you change your environment to put less stress on you (the social)

So simple. So easy. So effective!

So grab your favourite beverage, sit back, enjoy the podcast, and give these clinical tidbits a go - let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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Sandy can be found at www.entropy-physio.com

The following text was written by Lori Forner and can be found here

So Antony came up with a great idea! Small, bite-size podcasts on practical or useful information you can test out or use in your clinical reasoning straight away.

We are hoping to keep these segments 10 minutes or less and have them out every Tuesday. The tips will come from ourselves, as well as from the amazing experts we interview.

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Thanks for listening!!


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