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Episode 15 – Shelly Prosko on The Pelvic Health Podcast – Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Shelly Prosko Ep 15We are joined by the wonderful Shelly Prosko who is in Alberta Canada and scoots around north america teaching. During this discussion with Lori Forner and I, we delve into what is Medical Therapeutic Yoga...

...Lori and I were interested in how Yoga can help pelvic pain but the conversation was so interesting we just kept rolling with it (Have a listen to Episode 20 for a more specific Pelvic Pain focused podcast with Shelly).

So sit back and enjoy the podcast - please leave your comments or questions below as Shelly herself will answer any questions you have.

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The following text was written by Lori Forner and can be found here


Yes, Shelly Prosko is Canadian (and if you don't know by now, so am I!). She is also a physiotherapist, professional yoga therapist and certified pilates instructor with a great pack of resources and a love for chronic pain.

She joined Antony and I to discuss yoga in pelvic pain, however we were so intrigued in her Medical Therapeutic Yoga training and lots of little tidbits of practical and interesting information, we didn't even skim past the surface of pelvic pain...stay tuned in 2016!

In this episode, Shelly not only shares how yoga can be an integral part of physiotherapy, she also gets into toilet meditation. Yes. I said that. Toilet. Meditation. Everyone should be doing it!

Lots of clinical pearls in this one, in particular regarding yoga with pain.

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Info/links mentioned in podcast:

Shelly Prosko at PhysioYoga.ca

Email for Shelly: proskoyoga@gmail.com

Tedx Talk with Shelly and other videos

Toilet Meditation and other links to her YouTube videos

Medical Therapeutic Yoga with Ginger Garner

Professional Yoga Therapy Institute

Neil Pearson - Life Is Now

Dustienne Miller - Your Pace Yoga

Dr. Pauline Lucas

Maureen Mason-Cover

Libby Trausch

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