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Transgender Health – The Pelvic Health Podcast Tidbit Tuesday – Sandy Hilton

The Home Page of The Pelvic Health Podcast With Antony Lo and Lori FornerIn today's podcast, Sandy Hilton from Entropy Physio (Chicago, USA) joins Lori (in Brisbane, Australia) and Antony (Sydney, Australia). Sandy tells us about her experience with transgender health. This TBT provoked lots of interesting questions about this issue...we hope you find this podcast interesting!

Pudendal nerve pain in men changing to women > women changing to men, which can be neovaginal pain or rectal pain, and how to learn how to appreciate touch that is pleasurable.

Even thinking about how the whole perineum is remodelled in a transition...and then remapping where touch is not painful, actually pleasant and then where you really like - a classic graded exposure approach.

Sandy also discusses the cultural implications for transgender patients including providers refusing treatment or  other challenges faces this population.

Sandy then gives us some pointers on what to think about in terms of communication with doctors, what information to ask for and what issues might need to be addressed - we also need more information on what is actually happening in the surgeries and the different types of surgeries out there.

Do you see transgender patients? Please comment below with any of your insights.

[ADDIT] - The "I" in LGBTIQ is "Intersex" - we apologise for our ignorance of this fact...but that's why we do the podcast - to learn!

So grab your favourite beverage, sit back, enjoy the podcast, and give these clinical tidbits a go - let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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Sandy can be found at www.entropy-physio.com


2 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you all are talking about the needs of the trans population. But I was very disappointed that you were discussing it without a foundation of basic knowledge. The “I” in LGBTQTI stands for “intersex”.

    1. Very fair comment – thank you Stephanie. I’m sorry we got that wrong… It used to be just LGBT not that long ago which I think most people are most familiar with…I apologise for my ignorance. I will amend the notes in the blog post to reflect that the “I” means intersex.

      I hope you can appreciate that the podcast is trying to bring these issues to the light and we were speaking of Sandy’s particular patient population which was transgender. As presenters, we don’t pretend to know the answers. We will try to be more prepared in the future for situations like this and to be honest, we usually are – usually I am on the computer in the background and would have come up with the correct answer but I was dialled in on my phone in Auckland where I had been teaching so it was an unusual situation 🙂

      Thank you again for your comment!

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