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Episode 25 – Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag on Men’s Health Issues

The Pelvic Health Podcast 025 Men's Health IssuesOn this episode of The Pelvic Health Podcast, we are joined again by Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag to discuss Men's health issues.

Men's health issues are a significant problem and often not discussed despite how prevalent they are.

Much can be done for men's health issues...men need to know about this so something can be done about it!


Anyway, sit back and enjoy the podcast - please leave your comments or questions below as Sandy and Sarah themselves will answer any questions you have.

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Below the podcast are Lori's blog notes from here...


If you have been following our podcasts, including the TBTs (TidBit Tuesdays mini episodes), you will have noticed these girls seem to always be on! I love them so much, I was very close to asking Antony to change the name to The Entropy Pelvic Health Podcast.

Sarah Haag and Sandy Hilton join us to talk comfortably and openly about Men's Health issues that physiotherapy can help with.

Join us for lots of laughs (not about the issues) , wine and of course serious information about conditions such as incontinence, prostate conditions, and pelvic pain.



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Links mentioned in the show (click on them to be directed to that link):

Entropy Physio

Entropy Physio Facebook page for clinic info and for continuing education info

APA presents Male Pelvic Floor, Continence and Prostate Surgery 1 Day course 

Mastering the Martians 

Male Pelvic Floor Workshop with Pauline Chiarelli

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