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Episode 29-31 – Diane Lee Is Not A Dinosaur

On this episode of The Pelvic Health Podcast, we are joined by Sarah Haag from Entropy Physiotherapy in Chicago and Diane Lee in Vancouver as we discuss some of the claims made by Adam Meakins on social media that someone like Diane Lee is a Dinosaur. This is a 3 part podcast which is why there are 3 episodes listed!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the podcast - please leave your comments or questions below as Diane herself will answer any questions you have.

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Below the podcast are Lori's blog notes from here...


Antony co-hosts with Sarah Haag from Entropy Physio to chat with Diane Lee, Canadian physiotherapist, author, publisher and educator.

It all started after a physio from the UK, Adam Meakins, posted an article he wrote discussing "dinosaur" physios. (Click on the underlined word to be brought to the article). From here, three podcasts has come out of it, as well as a lot of banter on FB (not all of it nice).

To be honest, I see both sides and like to watch debates rather than participate. Especially when things get a little feisty. But I do believe we should challenge what we hear and what we think we know. Greg Lehman, another physio in Canada, just recently wrote what I thought was a great response/challenge to the ideas and thoughts Diane proposed...without attacking her as a person. I think this is a fine line


During episode 29, Diane explains her take on the "biological" in the "biopsychosocial model", the origins and utility of Integrated Systems Model, and the ideas of the thoracic rings, vector analysis and other confusing (but fun to others) stuff. *Note, I have no idea how this one episode disappeared from iTunes...I am working on it. The other links below still work.

Antony and Sarah chime in during episode 30 and there is a part 3 (episode 31) to tie it all in. Thanks to Diane for her time!

I hope you enjoy the discussions. I think ideas need to be challenged and I think everyone is trying to do the same thing (help people) but in different ways. Whatever works.


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Diane Lee
Adam Meakins
Greg Lehman

2 Responses

    1. hi Felix…

      Firstly, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Can I ask – why does there need to be a side? Why can’t there be a place where you can take the good from different perspectives?

      If PT is a fossil, then what is the dominant or emerging replacement?

      If these “gurus” (a term which Diane Lee has never adopted or used to my knowledge) are “selling their pet theories”, why? It is probably because they believe in the message they are carrying…how do you think we should best spread a message that is the “right” way according to what you think?

      Lastly, how much grace are you willing to give people to change and evolve? How long does it take to change? How long are you willing to let someone have to change? How much change needs to happen for them to stop being a dinosaur and show evolution and progression? These are much harder questions to answer because it is much easier to just point at a person and say they suck for being who they are without understanding the person behind them.

      In what ways can you help promote change instead of getting the backfire effect?

      I don’t have the answers…I just keep trying.


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