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Episode 33 – Isa Herrera on Alternative Treatments For Ending Pelvic Pain

Alternative Treatments For Ending Pelvic PainOn this episode of The Pelvic Health Podcast, Antony and Lori are joined by Isa Herrera from NYC on the topic of alternative treatments for ending Pelvic Pain. It is a challenging podcast because some of what Isa describes is certainly not supported by the mainstream, evidence-based physical therapy world. Yet Isa is a fantastic and caring therapist who really is helping people get out of pelvic pain. Challenging our beliefs means listening to those who are getting successful results and considering their points of view...yet reserving the right to disagree with the reasons why we think it works. Isa is an intelligent women on a mission to help women in pelvic pain which is why we love her!

Anyway, sit back and enjoy the podcast - please leave your comments or questions below as Isa herself will answer any questions you have.

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Below the podcast are Lori's blog notes from here...

Antony and I are back in the same audio file this time speaking with physiotherapist Isa Herrera (roll the "r"s). She is the Clinical Director of Renew PT, Certified Maya Abdominal Massage Specialist, Reiki Medicine Practitioner, and the author of some great books: Ending Female Pain, Ending Male Pelvic Pain, Ending Pain in Pregnancy and The Pregnant Couple's Guide to Working Out Together.

Isa has a passion for treating pelvic pain and in this episode we discuss some of the biological methods she uses for treatment. Yes, some of them are "alternative" but as we discuss, different things work for different people. Evidence-base treatment is what we as practitioners pride ourselves on, but as Isa so eloquently puts it, sometimes the evidence is on the table...literally.

From cold laser therapy, to pelvic floor relaxation cues, to sound healing, and to vaginal steams, Isa shares with us some interesting modalities to help patients suffering with pelvic pain.



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2 Responses

  1. Deb

    After years of pelvic floor PT by some of the ‘best’, I discovered pandiculation, which is built right into our nervous system, that changed everything! Pelvic floor issues (leaking, spasms/pain, etc) are part of a bigger pattern activated by the Startle reflex. If that reflex is stuck then it must be reset! People with pelvic floor issues also have a head forward posture, rounded shoulders, depressed chest, and tight belly (STUCK Startle Reflex). If you can learn to reboot the reflex (brain!) then you don’t need all the therapy.

  2. Thanks for the comment Deb. My consistent position is that many things work but not for the reasons why we might think. People are trying to explain why what they did helped but often the reasons don’t stand up under scientific scrutiny…If pelvic floor issues were that simple, we wouldn’t have problems anymore. Being holistic and broad in your assessment and management is important though and I am glad you are feeling better.


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