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The Pelvic Health Podcast With Antony Lo and Lori Forner

Welcome to The Pelvic Health Podcast!
The pelvic health podcast

The Pelvic Health Podcast is for health professionals and the general public.

Antony was the co-host of this podcast from Episode 1 to 51. Lori Forner continues the good work at loriforner.com.

Antony "The Physio Detective" Lo and Lori Forner tackle issues in pelvic health and interview world leading authorities in pelvic health. Click on each episode link below to access information about each episode as well as listen to the podcast.

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Episodes List

Episode 0 - Introductions!

Episode 1 - Fiona Rogers from Pelvic Floor Exercise

Episode 2 - Lori on Upcoming Australian Education

Episode 3 - Lori on Online Education on Pelvic Health for Professionals and the Public

Episode 4 - Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag - Challenging Beliefs

Episode 5 - Antony and Lori about the Bulletproof You Core and Pelvic Seminar and DRA

Episode 6 - Antony at #WHFS2015

Episode 7 - Natalie McConochie on Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIS)

Episode 8 - Susan Clinton on Influences Above The Pelvic Floor  Part 1

Episode 9 - Susan Clinton on Influences Above The Pelvic Floor Part 2

Episode 10 - Karen Brandon on Sexual Health and Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy

Episode 11 - Allison Bryan on Constipation

Episode 12 - Marianne Ryan on BabyBod - Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Exercise

Episode 15 - Shelly Prosko on Therapeutic Yoga

Episode 20 - Shelly Prosko on Pelvic Pain and Yoga

Episode 21 - Antony and Lori on "How Much Pelvic Floor Contraction Is Needed?"

Episode 24 - Stacey Harris on "CrossFit Basics"

Episode 25 - Sandy Hilton and Sarah Haag on "Men's Health Issues"

Episode 27 - Mary Wood and Traci Belyk on "Hypopressives"

Episode 28 - Julie Wiebe - "Chit Chat"

Episode 29 - Diane Lee Is Not A Dinosaur - Part 1

Episode 30 - Diane Lee Is Not A Dinosaur - Part 2

Episode 31 - Diane Lee Is Not A Dinosaur - Part 3

Episode 32 - Catherine Willis on Boobs

Episode 33 - Isa Herrera on Alternative Treatments For Ending Pelvic Pain

Episode 34 - Susan Clinton on Poop Stuff

Episode 36 - Neil Pearson on Pain Science

Episode 38 - Bronnie Lennox Thompson on Cognitive Behavioural Perspectives in Pain Management

Episode 40 - Marika Hart on Exercise in Pregnancy

Episode 43 - CrossFit in Pregnancy 

Episode 44 - Alex Lopes on Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Future Plans For Pelvic Health

Episode 45 - Victoria Cullen on Sexual Recovery With Toys and Talks

Episode 47 - Karen Litzy From health, Wealthy and Smart

Episode 48 - Erin Jackson on Life After Pelvic Pain

Episode 49 - Diastasis Rectus Abdominis with Special Guest Jennifer Campbell

Episode 50 - Paediatric Sports and Pelvic Floor with Julie Granger

Episode 51 - Pelvic Girdle Pain with Peter O'Sullivan


Tibit Tuesdays

Episode 13 - Antony Lo on Test-Retest

Episode 14 - Shelly Prosko on Breathing

Episode 16 - Sandy Hilton on Pain Flare Ups

Episode 17 - Lori Forner on Exercise and Menstrual Cycle Considerations 

Episode 18 - Lori Forner on gh+pb

Episode 19 - Sandy Hilton on Transgender Health

Episode 22 - Sandy Hilton on Selective Relaxation and Pelvic Floor Cueing

Episode 23 - Antony and Lori on Perineum Proprioception During Exercise

Episode 26 - Stacey Harris on Squats

Episode 35 - Susan Clinton on Rectal Balloons

Episode 37 - Neil Pearson on Breath and Body Awareness

Episode 39 - Antony and Lori on Queefing

Episode 41 - Neil Pearson on Controlling Breath When In Pain

Episode 42 - Marika Hart on Specific Tips on Exercise in Pregnancy

Episode 46 - Victoria Cullen on All About Lube