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The pelvic health podcastThe Pelvic Health Podcast with
The Physio Detective (Antony Lo) and
The Physio Down There (Lori Forner)

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  • We discuss issues to do with Women’s (and Men’s) Health from our perspective as Physiotherapists (Physical Therapists)…this is often to do with the Pelvis and the function of the Pelvic Floor 
  • We interview world leaders in this field
  • We answer the questions you ask us

Podomatic Podcasts

Power Athlete

Clinical Edge

CreatePT Wealth

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Podcasts that Antony has featured in as a guest or hosts

The Pelvic Health Podcast

See the description above – this podcast is the main Podcast that Antony is currently involved in.

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Power Athlete Radio

Antony regularly consults and is hosted on the Power Athlete Radio Podcast as well as referenced in the blog posts and articles written by the staff there. 

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The Physio Detective Podcast

This podcast is currently hosted on Podomatic and can only occur when Antony has spare time…so it is pretty sporadic. Expect more podcasts in the future.

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Physio Edge Podcast

This podcast is for Physiotherapists and is run by David Pope. During this episode, Antony talks about CrossFit Injuries.

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Create PT Wealth Podcast

This video/podcast was a mini-seminar that the boys at Create PT Wealth asked me to do for Personal Trainers about The Core and why most people misunderstand what it is all about.

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Mind Over Movement Podcast

David Nixon and Lauren Heys host this podcast. I did a 2 part series with them on The Pelvic Floor.

Part 1 on The Pelvic Floor in Exercise 

Part 2 on The Pelvic Floor In Exercise

The Physio Detective YouTube Page

This is where most of Antony’s free videos end up.

The Physio Detective Vimeo Page

This is where most of Antony’s paid videos end up.