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The Physio Detective Way Mentoring Program

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+ The purpose of the mentoring program is to help fitness professionals (and health professionals) think differently about how to approach their clients, especially those with pain or specific problems so your clients and patients can achieve their goals ASAP.

+ To be able to keep your clients and patients training and exercising when they have pain or injuries.

+ To help mould you into a professional with a real point of difference in a crowded marketplace.


The mentoring program goes for 13 weeks and has 2 levels

Online Program

This is where you get access to all the videos (lecture and Q and A) and all the assignments. Direct feedback from Antony is minimal. Additional time with Antony is always available at a discounted rate. The program is provided to you weekly and you can progress at your own pace. You can start at any time.

Live Masterclass

Access to all the videos and assignments. Direct feedback on assignments is given by Antony. Additional time with Antony is always available at a discounted rate. The program is weekly for 13 weeks with set periods of time…however, if you wish to go at your own pace, that is an option as well. The true benefit for the Live Masterclass program is access to Antony and the feedback and support offered. The numbers of people able to participate in the Live Masterclass are capped due to the time intensive nature of the feedback process.

Tasks for Participants

All tasks are optional

+ 1hr live weekly lecture – this will be delivered live and the opportunity for those on the level 2 mentoring program to interact directly at this time. All participants will have access to this lecture

+ 1hr live weekly Q and A session – this will probably occur before the lecture to answer any questions from the previous week. Level 1 will get access delayed. Level 2 will get access live.

+ Weekly short writing piece – 200-1000 words, point form is acceptable, referencing desirable where appropriate.

+ Weekly 5mins Talk – Video of talk with 5 slides max – intro to the topic, 3 points including application, conclusion

+ Weekly Short Video Demo – 2mins max – this will vary from week to week

+ Weekly Short Video Analysis – 5mins max – this will be using something like Coach’s Eye or Hudl Technique – this will be an analysis of a client moving or doing exercise

+ Weekly addition to your Long Term Project – Ideally you will follow 1-3 clients during the whole mentoring program. The idea is to write down your thoughts each week on the progress of what you have learned and how it applies to helping your client.

*** Please note that feedback will be given on tasks submitted on time. The guidelines on when these times are will be supplied***

Additional Support:

Online Program 

Private Facebook group for those going through the course with you where you can put your questions to discuss within the group. This will not be a forum where Antony will answer questions like he will for the Level 2 participants but clarification will be provided as required. This will be a great place to bounce ideas, share your projects and provide feedback about how you are going in the group. Specific feedback from Antony will be available for a discounted rate.

Live Masterclass 

You will get the Level 1 Facebook Group access but you will also have a Level 2 Private group where Antony will answer questions during the week. This will be in addition to the weekly live Q and A.

Once you have graduated from the program, there will be an Alumni group where you can continue to take part in discussions with your peers.


Week 1 – Framework and Models For Understanding Human Movement and Performance

Week 2 – How to assess information and your own beliefs

Week 3 – Assessing different approaches and modalities – making sense of what is already out there

Week 4 – Specific concepts to be considered

Week 5 – Women’s health

Week 6 – Listening to the client’s story

Week 7 – Movement Assessment

Week 8 – Test / Retest

Week 9 – Prioritising Change

Week 10 – Making a Difference By Doing Something Different

Week 11 – Issues in Specific Regions

Week 12 – Specific Movements

Week 13 – Summary and Conclusion (Putting It All Together)

Feedback information:

Online Program 

Participants are encouraged to upload their videos and assignments to the facebook group for discussion and feedback within the group. Antony will answer questions in the group to provide clarification and direction. Specific feedback from Antony will be available at a discounted rate.

Live Masterclass

Participants will have deadlines to meet so their work will be reviewed and feedback provided by Antony. Participants are also encouraged to upload their work for others in the group to see, discuss and provide feedback.

Additional note for Pilot program:

The pilot program is to determine how much time will be taken up by reviewing and giving feedback on the tasks provided. Therefore Antony will provide feedback on all the tasks to see how the time requirements go.

In future evolutions of this mentoring program, it is anticipated that the feedback will be limited to one or two items per week instead of all five weekly assignments. This makes this pilot program VERY VALUABLE to you as it is unlikely I will be able to provide such time-intensive feedback.

In return for the discounted Pilot program and feedback on all assignments, I will be asking the following:

  • That you complete the program in full (including as many tasks as possible)
  • That you provide a quick (1mins) video testimonial of your experience with the mentoring program

Please use the code “PILOTPROGRAM” for your discounted access

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