1. I’ve tried other Physio’s and health practitioners before and got little to no relief. Why should I consider your service?

Antony specializes in working out what the primary problems are in your presentation. That means that if you have a knee pain, he will assess the whole body to see how different body parts impact the knee. He takes a holistic approach to your assessment and outlines an approach that will be right for you. Antony’s goal is to get you better as soon as possible and learn how to care for yourself – it is about taking control of your own problem and having someone alongside you to help fight it.

2. I’ve had bad pain in my back, knee, neck, hips our other areas for a long time now, how many sessions will it take to get some relief?

It is hard to say how long treatment will last for. Antony has helped some people with decades worth of pain be pain free in just one session and has taken numerous sessions to help a recent but serious injury.

What is most important is that Antony aims for relief after the first appointment – up to 70% after the first session and have you basically back to normal within 3-5 sessions.

3. What is your experience in physiotherapy and what makes you different?

Antony commenced studies in 1993 and has been on an ongoing journey of learning since. He has spent over $100,000 (in after-tax dollars!) on his post-graduate education. The difference is that Antony only trusts results and the main result he is interested in is improvement. Antony doesn’t like people to stop doing what they enjoy and wants to encourage a healthy, holistic lifestyle approach to your improvement.

4. What is your success rate of helping people get a result and in what time frame?

We are not permitted to claim a success rate but my aim is to get you better as soon as possible. Some people have gotten better in minutes, some take a few session. All have gotten a result. This is about empowering you to take control of your own problems and learning how to deal with them. We DO NOT want you to become reliant on us but consult with us to make your life easier and minimize the risks of injury.

5. Do you have a guarantee and what can I expect from your service

Absolutely. If you are not happy with the quality, education, attention to detail, treatment plan and results of your consultation, we will gladly refund your money and help you find someone who can help you further…what have you got to lose? Only your pain!

6. What is the best way to book for my appointment?

All our bookings are done online at this link . Select the best time frames to see Antony and choose from there. If you would prefer to ask questions before you book, please email Antony via the contact form here .

7. Can I claim a rebate with using your service?

Yes. Antony is registered with Medicare, the DVA, and all Australian health funds as an AHPRA registered Physiotherapist in Australia. For international consultations, it will depend on your insurance company.

8. What are the main areas you specialize in with getting people results?

The 4 main areas that Antony sees are:

1. Chronic pain – anyone who has had more than 3 months of the same pain and has failed treatment elsewhere – back/hip/shoulder/neck pains, headaches, etc.

2. Sports Injuries and Performance – if you have plateaus in your performance or recurring injuries

3. SIJ and Thorax issues – 2 of the most poorly taught areas of the body…assessment and treatment of these areas are critical to ensuring a good result for many problems.

4. Pelvic Floor, Ante-Natal and Post-Natal issues – Antony has spent his entire career caring for women with these issues whether it was in the hospital system or in his private practice. His particular interest is educating women on how to exercise safely with regards to their pelvic floor and during pregnancy.

9. Is your treatment painful?

Usually not. Some assessment techniques need to provoke the pain. Some treatment techniques can be tender. As a general rule, Antony doesn’t like to induce pain during treatment or exercise as this can interfere with the brain relearning new patterns.

10. How can I expect to feel after my sessions?

It depends on your problem. The aim is to have you feeling improved movement and less pain. This forms the basis for improving your strength and range of motion. It may take a day or two for the symptoms (inflammation) to settle down. Once the main problem is identified, it becomes quicker and easier to get improvements in your pain and strength.

11. Is it possible to speak with someone to discuss other questions I may have?

Of course! The easiest way to answer any questions you may have is by email. It is difficult to discuss your problem during regular hours due to Antony spending time with clients. From that initial email, Antony can answer any questions you might have or even schedule a short phone call to answer your questions.