APA Physiotherapist
Educator at My PT Education
B.Ex.Sp.Sc (ACU)
Masters in Physiotherapy(USyd)

Lana has been a Dancer, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Studio Manager, Massage Therapist, Exercise Scientist and now a Physiotherapist!

Lana commenced working with Antony in 2007 as his Physiotherapy Assistant. She helped to set up the Pilates program at Penshurst Physiotherapy Centre which was an overnight success (Lana remains the most popular instructor ever there). With encouragement and support from Antony, she studied Sports and Exercise Science and earned her place in the Graduate Entry Masters of Physiotherapy program at the University of Sydney.

During this time, Antony mentored her in identifying movement dysfunction and how to use exercises to rehabilitate her clients. She has a gift for seeing movement dysfunction and has been able to apply her knowledge to athletes of different sports.

Upon completion of her Physiotherapy studies, Antony encouraged her to apply for a position at Kogarah Physiotherapy Centre with John Daher, a friend of Antony’s, to broaden her skills and treat a different type of clientele. Lana saw CrossFitters and other athletes there as part of her daily caseload, where she applied the principles she has learned from Antony and those that she learned from the team at Kogarah to all clients that she comes across.

Lana left Kogarah Physiotherapy Centre on Maternity Leave and spent some time with Antony at Miranda and also worked in Oatley before leaving again for her second baby. She is still keen to assist on courses when she can.

Lana’s gift and instinctive ability to find and solve movement dysfunctions have made her Antony’s most trusted assistant and colleague for the past 10 years.

On the seminars, Lana will help during the practical sessions to help participants complete the exercises correctly as well as give focused guidance on areas that need more work.