Antony has been studying and working in Physiotherapy since 1993. During this time, he has earned his degree in Physiotherapy, a Masters in Physiotherapy and took part in the Musculoskeletal Specialisation training – the highest form of training a physiotherapist can attain in Australia. There are currently only 10 practicing Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists in NSW. Having successfully grown 2 private practices (Sans Souci Physiotherapy Centre and Penshurst Physiotherapy Centre), Antony has sold these to concentrate on his Specialisation Training Program and developing educational courses for health professionals and the general public. He still consults at 2 locations in Sydney seeing everyone from children to the elderly, as well as his sports-specific patients.

Antony can help you in a number of ways – his unique skill set and approach allows him to help those in pain – from those with acute injuries to those with long-term chronic pain – and those who are interested in enhancing their performance for sport, work or recreation. He mainly uses manual therapy, dry needling and exercise to help his patients. A big emphasis is placed on teaching you about your condition, what to do about it and how to help yourself.

Key Service Offerings from Antony include:

1. The Physio Detective Service

This is the service that results from the holistic philosophy that Antony employs. It is typically a 1hr appointment (interstate visitors might want to book 1.5-2hrs) for those with long standing pain or sports/work/recreation performance issues. Antony will carefully evaluate you history, symptoms and examination findings to work out how your problem fits together in the overall scheme of your body and then outlines a strategy to solve these issues.

2. Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) and Thoracic Cage Treatment:

These are the 2 areas in the body that are least understood...but Antony has chosen to specialise in these regions. Most people underestimate the importance of these 2 regions – they basically hold your body together so your arms, legs, head and neck can have a solid base to work from. You will get the latest, evidence-based assessment and treatment – Antony actually lectures on the SIJ at one of Australia’s most popular Post-Graduate Masters program at The University of Western Australia.

3. Ante-Natal and Post-Natal Conditions:

Because Antony specialises in the pelvis, it is natural that he sought to understand how pregnancy affects the pelvis and then the whole body both before and after your baby is born. If you think your pain is unusual, don’t worry because Antony has heard and helped all the “unusual” conditions before. Remember, “pain is common but it doesn’t have to be normal”.

4. Crossfit and Other Sports Performance Service

Due to the holistic nature of Antony’s assessment and treatment philosophy, he has developed a reputation of being able to help elite level sports people break through their plateau barriers, correct their sports-specific technique errors and liase with coaches about the best way to get an athlete performing at their best, whether it is returning from injury to simply becoming better at what they do.

5. Musculoskeletal Pain and Sports Injuries

This is the “bread and butter” of any physiotherapy practice and Antony has been seeing patients who present with spinal pain, arm and leg pains, nerve problems, headaches, sports injuries, sinus problems, digestion problems etc. If you have a pain and you are not sure if someone can help, just ask Antony – after nearly 20 years in this industry, Antony has basically seen it all - if he hasn't, he knows the right people to go see.

6. Social Media Consultancy Service

Antony is one of Australia’s most active social media users. He is always available to answer questions via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or his blog “The Physio Detective”. Antony has always provided the highest quality of service and is known for going “above and beyond” for his patients. If you need something, please don’t hesitate to ask him.

Antony enjoys Crossfit, golf, squash, tennis, and any other sport that has any element of competition in it! He consults to different Crossfit gyms across Sydney, is a trainer for his sons’ Penshurst RSL Rugby League teams and is well known among the local GPs and Specialists.

When do you see Antony? When you are “sick of the pain”!

If you are sick of the pain already and are ready to see Antony, then click here to go to the online diary.