Hi! Welcome to my Blog!

I am the Physio Detective... but I am not the only one. There are lots of great physiotherapists around the world.

The purpose of this blog is to share what I have learned from many different sources and to make this information available to everyone.

I have a B.App.Sc in physiotherapy from the University of Sydney, a Masters Degree in Manual Therapy from The University of Western Australia and I have taken part in the Musculoskeletal Specialization training.

My passion is to get all therapists who see patients to consider their patients holistically.

One of my main passions is that conventional teaching often relies on "leaps of faith" in assuming a muscle's function is only affected where the source of symptoms are. For example, how many physiotherapists would assess the following joints for a shoulder pain?
- all cervical joints
- the skull
- all thoracic joints including ribs and sternal bones
- all shoulder joints
- elbow joint
- all lumbar joints
- all SIJ joints

My guess is that very few therapists would assess all of these areas even though it doesn't take long to screen them

Why would you assess all these joints? Because muscles that affect or attach to the shoulder also attach to all the joints above!!

The logical leap of faith is assuming that all the joints above are ok but a poorly controlled SIJ can cause excessive Lat Dorsi tone which can cause the shoulder to become dysfunctional.

That is why I consider a good physiotherapist a detective - because you have to follow the clues to make a good diagnosis.

I consider the above holistic. I am happy to discuss this of you disagree or want to explore this idea further.