The Physio Detective Way Mentoring Program 

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Have you ever wondered if you’ll ever be a good enough therapist / fitness professional?

Will you ever know enough?

What will do you if something comes up that you don’t know about?

Will you accidentally hurt someone?

I have and still do feel these doubts and fears. Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of them?

I have found that having a simple framework, one informed by evidence and experience, helps me to filter out the overwhelming amount of information and theories and techniques there are out there. I was that guy that went to all the courses and pursued knowledge. I had a complicated system with complicated reasons and you needed a lot of skill and knowledge to execute this. I was happy that many of my patients were getting better. I was successful but it was hard to teach others what I did because they needed to have done so many other courses like I had to truly understand the depths of what I was doing.

The problem was that not all of my patients got better, and that bothered me...surely it can't be all their fault - I need to be better than that! The other problem I had was that research was poking holes in what I believed...that was troubling I go against the research or do I embrace it but feel lost in what to do?

I know I was helping people - my patients loved me and I was very popular. People would travel to come and see me, other physios would come to get my opinion on what to do with their patients and their own problems. But I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t know how to get better.

I needed a simpler system. Albert Einstein said if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it enough. So I needed to write down the common things I did for all my clients, and then strip them of all the stories I told myself about why they worked. I was left with a short list, one that can fit on one slide, and I can summarise that process into 3 words, 2 words and 1 word…

Do Something Different,

Be Different,


That’s how this mentoring program was born. I wanted to share the process I took over about 3 years and make it so that in 3 months, you can learn the same things I did.

The basic steps are as follows

  1. Break my beliefs
  2. Find a simple framework / system
  3. Rebuild what I knew but see it with a different point of view
  4. Apply that to my clients in a real and meaningful way

These are the steps I want to give you throughout the program.

But that’s not all!

Along the way, I learned a lot about language and I have always loved technology. Not only that, I have met so many great health and fitness professionals who have brilliant things to share but struggle to get their message out there.

So this mentoring program is to ALSO help you develop your skills at filming yourself, using language that fits in with the current research and produce content to build your online presence.

There are 4 streams that you can choose in this mentoring program - they are ALL included in the program for the same price!

  1. The Social Media - Video (SM-V) Stream - perfect for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram users
  2. The Social Media - Blog (SM-B) Stream - perfect for those who prefer to write or plan
  3. The Professional Stream (PS) (Client-focused) - perfect for those who just want to focus on being a better therapist / fitpro
  4. The Complete Program (CP) Stream - perfect for those that want all of the above!

The program comes with bonus lectures from Eugene Dowling from Gym Click Media on Creating Content and Business Coach Jason Urbanowicz on Developing An Email List.

Other bonus materials include consultations and demonstration videos.

You might be wondering what the time commitment of this program is. That’s definitely a fair question. In the beginning, I would recommend that you take 2hrs for the online lecture materials, and 2hrs for your assignments...4hrs for assignments if you are doing the complete program - so between 4-6hrs per week is the recommended time to set aside.

So there it is.

My ultimate goal is to show you in 3 months what took me 3 years to learn. I had to make a lot of mistakes along the way and so I am very understanding that way - I don’t expect you to be perfect. My job is to help you become my teacher, to be the best you can be.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, then sign up for your preferred option now.

***Fill out the form below and you can save between USD$200 to USD$2150 on the program***