The Bulletproof Your Body Courses:

This series of courses examines the basic movements of the body regions and teaches you how to improve your mobility, flexibility, stability and strength in those regions using movement as the main technique with some releases and stretches as an adjunct. The courses can range from 2hrs to 16hrs per body region. The most popular course is the 4hr whole body course which looks at the “core”, squat, pull-up, strict press series and the deadlift as the basis for building on exercises for CrossFit such as wallballs, cleans, snatches, as well as gymnastic-style exercises.

The 8hr Whole Body Course looks more deeply into the Foot/Ankle, Knees, Hips, Back, Ribs, Shoulders via Squats, Deadlifts, Strict Press, Pullups, and how to apply those principles to many other CrossFit movements.

Whilst the courses are named the same, rarely are 2 courses run the same way as the content evolves continuously AND the course participants shape the course as it goes along.

The "Bulletproof" Your Pelvic Floor and Core Course:

This course aims to educate women and men about the Pelvic Floor. It for ANYONE who exercises. If you are a coach or a health professional, the information you will learn on this course will be repaid to you over and over again. If you are someone who exercises, the information you will learn can save your hundreds and thousands of dollars in healthcare.

The course format is usually theory about the pelvic floor for the first 2hrs. The other 4hrs are learning how to contract your “core”, how to spread the load around your trunk and then how to integrate it into exercises, movement and lifting.

This course is run to provide access to quality information about the pelvic floor – it is an essential part of any person’s training. It is powered by donations so please donate what you can – the course is usually sold for $200 which is the recommended level of donation but any amount will be acceptable. Thank you.

***The online course is now available at***

Managing CrossFit Athletes

Course Description:

CrossFit is a worldwide phenomenon. They have over 11,000 affiliates and hundreds of thousands of participants. As health professionals, we are best placed to help minimize the risk of injury and maximize the excellent benefits that can be achieved with CrossFit training – the CDC recommends 5 days per week of moderate intensity exercise with at least 2 of those days including weight training…CrossFit programming fits the CDC recommendations for a healthy lifestyle!

However CrossFit has gotten a bad reputation among health professionals because of their seemingly “devil-may-care” attitude towards stress urinary incontinence and rhabdomyolosis. The reality is that CrossFit actually teaches “mechanics, consistency, intensity” – mastery of the correct technique, consistent replication of sound technique and then increasing the intensity.

This course will attempt to dispel some of the myths of CrossFit training and teach participants some of the basic movements and problems associated with CrossFit and how to modify (aka “scale”) a workout.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide a basic understanding of CrossFit, experience a suitable workout and address common myths about CrossFit
  • To provide participants with the tools to be able to communicate, assess and treat CrossFit athletes more specifically
  • To provide an overview of common CrossFit-related musculoskeletal injuries and options on how to manage them
  • To provide an understanding of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in exercise and appropriate modifications for impact and relatively heavy lifting exercises
  • To provide a way of utilizing “core stability” principles with a test-retest model using performance as a measure of effectiveness
  • To provide an overview of the common movements in CrossFit, sound technique guidelines and appropriate modifications
  • To provide a realistic and practical balance between the biological and the psychosocial aspects in managing the CrossFit athlete, their Coaches and their expectations
  • To provide an understanding of the concepts of #tensiontotask, #spreadtheload, #variabilityisking and #thePFbulletproofroutine

Who is this course for?

This course will be suitable for MSK/Sports/Ortho/WH physical therapists, Athletic Trainers, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Personal trainers, Coaches and other interested health and fitness professionals