A quick update

i want to thank everyone who follows my blog. I have some projects coming along so I thought I would whet your appetite and hopefully it will explain why I have been a bit quiet lately! 

1. I have started recording a mentoring podcast with a young Physio. This will be available soon for my mentoring subscribers ($66/month). They are being produced roughly once per week/fortnight. 

2. I am looking to do a regular free podcast for coaches and personal trainers - if you are interested in being a part of this project, let me know

3. I am waiting for my new website to be finished which will allow you all to download a free presentation of some of the framework I work from

4. I am finishing a lecture series on the core that will take you through the theory, the isolation and then integration of the core muscles into everyday exercises, lifting and activities. 

5. I have started developing a lecture series on how to cope with chronic pain using exercise

6. I have started collaborating with a friend on a podcast which will be for free

7. I have started on a research project looking into the pelvic floor in CrossFit that we hope will be published one day. 

8. I hope to have my pelvic floor course recorded for people to purchase this year

I'm excited...I hope you are too!

I will be at the CrossFit Games this July and teaching in Chicago. 

See you all soon!

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