Adam Meakins on The Physio Detective Podcast

Adam Meakins is a high profile UK physiotherapist on social media. He is known as The Sports Physio and is fairly controversial in his approach to spreading his messages.

Adam certainly has his supporters and detractors...just have a look at any social media he has done over the past few years and you will see he doesn't resile from his might even find me in there having a bit of argy bargy with him.

But the reality is that people online are still people - obvious huh? It is much easier to paint Adam Meakins as a hopeless manual therapist who is too simplistic in his approach and is uncaring. His blunt presentation of his opinions often puts people off.

So I decided it might be better to find out a bit more about the man behind the social media persona.

Adam was in Brisbane to teach his course "The Shoulder: Complex doesn't have to be complicated". I found it to be a very reasonable and useful way to assess, treat and manage the shoulder. It is certainly evidence-based and logical and the course was also practical.

Anyway, here is the recording we did...let me know what you thought of it!

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