The Female Athlete Course (For Fitness Professionals)

This page is for fitness professionals wanting to do The Female Athlete Course. The course is essentially the same but we need to clarify a few things...

  1. Fitness Professionals aren't necessarily coaches or health professionals and so the course bears this in mind and will keep you in your scope of practice
  2. Because the course will be attended by health professionals, you will be hearing discussions on diagnosis, treatment and management of Female Athletes but this doesn't mean you will be qualified to diagnose, treat or manage female athletes in a role outside the scope of your fitness professional background.
  3. The course objectives and this page has been set up to clarify these issues for Australian Fitness Professionals and ensure the 15 Fitness Australia CECs can be obtained by the participant. 

The Female Athlete course is taught internationally by Physiotherapist Antony Lo. On this course, you will think differently, learn different things, and assess and manage your clients differently. Restricting activity in the hopes of saving a pelvic floor is not holistic women's health!

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High intensity exercise has been popular for decades. However people like Jane Fonda, Les Mills, bootcamps, Obstacle Course Racing and CrossFit have made high intensity exercise very popular among female exercisers. The USA Weightlifting Federation has seen a significant increase in membership largely in part to CrossFit’s use of Olympic Weightlifting in its exercise programming. With such high level physical challenges come concerns about how to manage common women’s health problems such as Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse (associated more with pelvic floor weakness) as well as concerns about exercising during pregnancy, and postpartum issues such as divarication of rectus abdominis, exercising after a Caesarian section, and lifting while breastfeeding.

This course will attempt to address these concerns about high intensity exercise in women, teach participants some of the common bodyweight, impact and loaded movements, and how to modify these exercises for different populations.

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Course Objectives:

  • To gain a basic understanding of high intensity training (using CrossFit as a base model but including bootcamp, HIIT, Tabata, etc) for females
  • To provide participants with an understanding of how to communicate and assess high intensity training females more specifically
  • To gain an understanding of how to deal with ante-natal and post natal exercise considerations in high intensity exercise.
  • To gain knowledge of common high intensity exercise-related musculoskeletal injuries of the lumbopelvic-hip complex and options on how to manage them using exercise whilst working in collaboration with an allied health professional
  • To gain an understanding of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in exercise and appropriate modifications for impact and relatively heavy lifting exercises
  • To provide a way of utilizing “core stability” principles with a test-retest model using performance as a measure of effectiveness
  • To obtain an overview of the common body weight and loaded movements involving the LPH, sound technique guidelines and appropriate modifications
  • To gain knowledge of a realistic and practical balance between the biological and the psychosocial aspects in managing the high intensity training client, their Coaches and their expectations whilst working in collaboration with an allied health professional
  • To gain an understanding of the concepts of #tensiontotask, #spreadtheload, #variabilityiskey and #BulletproofPFRoutine

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Additional information:

This course is very practical. Participants will gain the most by coming prepared to do all the practical work. It is suggested that you wear clothing you can exercise in – tight clothing like shorts and a tight singlet or sports crop top will help for observation during practicals. Whilst all the practical components are optional, the beauty of the method Antony teaches is that everything is scalable meaning all the exercises can be adjusted to suit your level of fitness and accommodate any physical restrictions you have to exercise. Part of the objective of this course is to demonstrate that nearly anyone can do high intensity exercise like CrossFit. If you have a skipping rope, please bring it!

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Theoretical and Practical content will include:

  • How to develop a test-retest system to ensure “buy-in” with your patient
  • How to use the test-retest system to assess cues, postures and positions during functional movements
  • How I teach “the core”, especially the pelvic floor and breathing, and how i integrate it into a lifting routine to maximize results, minimize pain and pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms
  • Ante-natal and post-natal “wisdom” for CrossFitters
  • How to use CrossFit with persistent pain patients
  • How to squat, deadlift, press, skip, box jump, run, and do abdominal work using “The Bulletproof Routine” for the Pelvic Floor
  • #tensiontotask
  • #spreadtheload
  • #variabilityiskey

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Other Key Learning Points and Objectives:

  • Intense exercise like CrossFit can challenge our beliefs of what is possible in the human body
  • The neurological system is the system that rules them all
  • Using neural peculiarities I have observed, some pain science, good ole fashioned manual therapy, and exercise we can make outstanding gains in strength, conditioning, mitigation of symptoms in PFD and persistent pain
  • Physical therapists need to know how to help people lift heavy and what heavy feels like
  • There is “holding your breath that bears down” and there is “holding your breath for support and stability”…knowing the difference between the two and what it feels like is important
  • There is no “bad posture”, just that some are more efficient than others – I want to use test-retest to challenge the beliefs on what is good posture
  • You will get DOMS if you aren’t used to this exercise level
  • The balance between saying listen to the pain and being fearful of the pain

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Who is this course for?

  • This course will be suitable for MSK/Sports/Ortho/Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Athletic Trainers, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Personal trainers, Coaches and other interested health and fitness professionals.
  • This course is for women and men with female clients/patients (though this can apply to any athletic population)

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Day 1 – 7am-5:30pm

Day 2 – 7am-5:30pm

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What is different to other seminars?

In this seminar, Antony will be outlining how you as an athlete, coach or health professional can assess and take action for your core and pelvic floor - the more you understand about yourself and how your upper body works, the better able you are to take care of yourself and others.

In other seminars, they show you how to do "core and pelvic floor" exercises to protect your back...

...this seminar includes the "why", the "how", as well as the principles of rehabilitation that Antony uses - the key difference is RESULTS - we can prove our way works, often immediately!

Antony and his team are only interested in solutions that work. We believe that for most things, you can tell after just 30secs whether something will help or not...we will show you how.

Develop your higher level exercise knowledge

What is included?

• 17hrs of educational content

• An electronic colour handout PDF with slides and room for notes and a pen

• Lots of practical information - come prepared to exercise and sweat a bit!

• 15 Fitness Australia CECs

• FitRec Level B Course - 

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Important Information For the Seminar:

  • There is a workout at the start of Day 2. Whilst this is optional, I do recommend that you come to do it because it will let us see how you move and we can begin to pick out the people who will be good models!
  • Please be prepared to be observed. That usually means males will often have to take their shirt off or at least wear a singlet and shorts. Females, if you could wear a crop top or singlet with shorts, that would be great - ideally bra that has traditional or halter neck straps (*not* racer-back style) please. Observing other people is the best way to learn...having said that, we won't force anyone to do anything they are not comfortable doing.
  • Lunch will NOT be provided. Please bring any snacks, drinks or supplements you need - there will be breaks during the seminar.
  • A set of colour notes will be provided electronically (please organise printing if you would like to have the handout during the course) and there should be pens for everyone. Please come prepared to write notes…there is a lot of information to digest and we have found that writing down the cues that worked for you is a good way of learning and working on your own plan
  • Whilst the seminar strives to address your issues, it does so in a general way. We will do our best to help you with your problems but ultimately, we can't go into as much detail as a full assessment - please be understanding about that.
  • Participation is the best way to learn. I will be calling for volunteers regularly so please be ready! I usually try to ask everyone to volunteer
  • We will be taking photos and videos during the seminar. If you do not want to be photographed or videoed, please let us know. We plan to use these to help promote future seminars and educate people via my blog. Please be assured that I don't ever ridicule people or their form but often phrase it as "Here is John Smith demonstrating…“
  • If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me here
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