Goal achieved for a happy patient – State Cup Grand Final!

I thought I would start by posting a nice message I got from JB yesterday...

Hi Antony,
Played State Cup over the weekend. Thanks for helping me reach my goal!
We made it all the way to the GF and lost which given our past was a great result for us. Even though I had a shocker in the GF I'm pretty happy because I scored the try that put us there, against my old team! around my old team mate. Gold!
I was pretty worried last week when they said you were interstate as my hip had started hurting again. I saw Colin and he sorted it.
My knee is sore and swollen but it seems I haven't done anything major. You probably know the rest but anyway Mr Sensible Colin is getting me to do rehab again (sensible and Irish ??!!) Perhaps my skinny left leg betrays my lack of effort last time. I plan to do much better this time as I want to be completely normal (well my normal) for Oz titles in November.
Thanks again,

JB had a knee reconstruction and with diligent rehab with physio and exercise, she was able to play Oztag again. We should have her freely running by November 🙂

If you want to reach sports specific goals, please let us know so we can tailor your treatment and exercises to reach those goals.

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