Grip Strengthening – Introduction

I have asked my friend Mike Ellingburg to talk about grip strengthening.

Grip strength is one of those things that people know they need but aren't sure how to train it.

Mike has had a very interesting past. He was in the US Armed Forces and as part of his duties, he served as a physical trainer and Field Medic. He is also an avid rock climber and has his own business called High Fitness and is a personal trainer that works from Fitness First in Sylvania in Sydney's southern suburbs.

In this series of videos, Mike will be discussing different ways to develop the strength of your grip. There are different types of "grip strength".

Personally, I think that all sports could do with a stronger grip. In CrossFit, i watched the Legless event which resulted in many of the women being unable to finish the workout. Some would have had skin tears in the hands but I wonder how many a grip that failed them during the 15 foot rope climb?

Your comments and questions are more than welcome below!

About Mike Ellingburg

Mike has had a diverse history. He has been a swimmer, state level soccer player/coach/referee. He has also taught gymnastics, been a Field Medic and Physical Training Instructor for the US Armed Forces. He has practice martial arts of various styles for 15+ years. He loves rock climbing and functional fitness. Whilst an Engineer by training, he decided to turn to personal training to combine his love for fitness with being able to help other people. He is a Master Trainer and Master Functional Trainer via various organisations in addition to holding his Cert III and IV in Personal Training. Mike is currently a personal trainer at Fitness First Sylvania and would love for you to have a chat with him about your goals and training.

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