Important Announcement – New location and days

Hello everyone. This post is about some history, some announcements and the future!

The History So Far...

3 years ago, I left Penshurst Physiotherapy Centre. It was a tough decision but I guess it had to be done. The new owner wanted to do his own thing and I had been there and tried that.

So off I went and set up inside a CrossFit gym - Reebok CrossFit GCS. There I was able to recover from working my ass off for 13 years. I was able to work with elite athletes and get fitter. In that first year off, I got much stronger and much fitter than I ever had been - thanks to Darren Coughlan and Blocker Walsh for the GCS program.

I also started at CrossFit Bodicomplete with my friend Vaughn. It was great to stay in touch and some of my Penshurst Physiotherapy Centre clients wanted to see me there as they felt Marrickville was too far away...fair enough. It's been a pleasure to watch Vaughn and his athletes grow and evolve. We have some plans to fulfil so watch this space 😉

After the first year, Reebok CrossFit GCS became CrossFit Creature with Rory Boyden, Lachlan Rowston and Raph Freedman coming on board as the day to day owners. It has been good watching these guys learn their craft, develop their podcast and grow their business.

Whilst I love and still provide a broad range of physiotherapy services from persistent/chronic pain to elite performance enhancement and recovery, I really have a heart of helping women who exercise. I have a passion for education as well so in the past 3 years, I have developed my education business and get to travel around Australia and the world educating people about all sorts of health issues.

All in all, I am lucky - I have been able to go to the CrossFit Games and help our Aussie and NZ brothers and sisters compete, I have been able to educate health professionals, fitness professionals and the public on womens health and on how to take care of their bodies during training, and I have been able to help many people with simple problems through to complex pain presentations...I love doing it all and I want it to continue!

The New Opportunities

About a month ago, I found out about an opportunity to work at The Sports Medicine Institute (formerly Specialist Sports Medicine Centre). Dr George Pitsis has a team of doctors and allied health professionals but has also constructed a gym/rehab setup at the centre and a learning loft - basically a beautiful space to work and teach from.

I have the opportunity to see people in a very professional setting, still have access to the gym but also other benefits like doctors on hand and toys like real-time ultrasound. I will be able to assemble my team again and build the business to achieve all my dreams:

  1. A centre of excellence in health care provision for everyone - from elite sports people to those suffering terribly - this will be from doctors, allied health professionals like physios, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, personal trainers and a fully functional membership-based gym.
  2. An educational centre where health and fitness professionals can be mentored in their journey to becoming world-class practitioners of their craft
  3. An educational centre where I can educate the world about various issues that people face day to day

Reluctant Farewells

Because such a great opportunity requires my time and focus, I will be ceasing my practices at Marrickville and Kirrawee.

I want to thank the owners of CrossFit Creature and CrossFit BodiComplete for their understanding. I will miss working at both places.

New Locations, Days, Times and Prices for Antony

From March 7, 2016, I will be working at the following locations

Sports Medicine Institute (SMI)
3/545-549 Kingsway
Miranda NSW 2228
+61 2 9525 3444
Mon 8am - 8pm
Tue 8am - 8pm
Thu 8am - 5pm

The Physio Detective (Kogarah Bay)
(Address Supplied On Booking Email)
<click here to book now>
Wed 1pm - 8pm
Fri 9.30am - 3pm

Initial Consultations:

30mins ($100) - These are ideally for those who have one area of pain and it has recently occurred
45mins ($150) - These are ideally for those who have recent injuries involving a couple of areas
60mins ($200) - This is the PREFERRED length of assessment - you will get a thorough history, assessment, treatment  and plan in most cases with email and video included.
90mins ($270) - This is for those who travel to come to see me, or have lots of different areas that need to be seen

Subsequent Consultations:

30mins ($100) - These are the preferred follow-up session times for most appointments
60mins ($200) - These are ideal for those who want a gym-based program as well as some follow-up treatment
90mins ($270) - These are ideal for those who travel to come to see me or have lots of areas that need to be seen.

The Physio Detective Consultancy Service:

Quite often, I am asked to provide an opinion on someone's condition, outline what I would recommend as the assessment and treatment plan and then send them back to the referring physiotherapist or healthcare professional with my findings.

Value For Money:

I am certainly not the cheapest physiotherapist in the area however, I am very well qualified and provide access to me via email, SMS and social media for ongoing support. I provide a summary via email or video and I give a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of my services.

Lana Ceic Is Onboard!

Lana is my right-hand physio. She is the Ying to my Yang. Anyone who has ever seen Lana or has ever been coached or taught by her knows how meticulous and brilliant she is at what she does.

Lana will be working both as a physiotherapist and a Pilates Instructor and will commence on Monday March 7, 2016 with me.

Plans For the Future:

It is difficult to predict the future but I want to put these goals out there to be kept accountable:

  1. A daily video series outlining all aspects of musculoskeletal, sports and women's health physiotherapy
  2. To develop the mentoring and education for health and fitness professionals
  3. To build my team of experts around me again
  4. To provide community and professional development education sessions for free.

There are some BIG goals in there but I am confident it will happen.

Final Words:

I would like to thank Dr George Pitsis for sharing a common vision with me to make SMI great

I would like to thank again the owners of Reebok CrossFit GCS, CrossFit Creature and CrossFit BodiComplete for the past 3 years. I have enjoyed working there and hope to keep in touch with the friends I have made there.

I would love to see you at SMI - just let me know when you want to come by and I'll make sure we can catch up!

Thanks for reading all of this...much appreciated!

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