Adam Meakins on The Physio Detective Podcast

Adam Meakins is a high profile UK physiotherapist on social media. He is known as The Sports Physio and is fairly controversial in his approach to spreading his messages. Adam certainly has his supporters and detractors...just have a look at any social media he has done over the past few years and you will see he doesn't resile from his might even find me in there having a bit of argy bargy with him. But the reality is that people online are still people - obvious huh? It is much easier to paint Adam Meakins as a hopeless manual therapist who is too simplistic in his approach and is uncaring. His blunt presentation of his opinions often puts people off. So I decided it might be better to find out a bit more about the man behind the social media persona. Adam was in Brisbane to teach his course "The Shoulder: Complex doesn't have to be complicated". I found it to be a very reasonable and useful way to assess, treat and manage the shoulder. It is certainly evidence-based and logical and the course was also practical. Anyway, here is the recording we did...let me know what you thought of it!

Hip Mobility / Flexibility / Stability Drills – The Theory

So the upcoming 10 exercises will publish over the next 2 weeks are to help improve how your hips move. These are some of the most commonly prescribed exercises I prescribe. This post is about explaining why I give these exercises and the principles behind the process. You can take these principles and apply them to the many different exercises you do. This list of 10 are not exhaustive nor even the BEST because for some of you, these exercises won't do much...but many of you, it will make a difference. My post yesterday explained a bit about them...this has a lot more information... ***COMPETITION INFORMATION BELOW***            

Stressed? This is the easiest relaxation technique you will ever do

I have used this technique for nearly a decade now...I recently did it in Chicago for someone while having dinner with Sandy Hilton (from Entropy Physio in Chicago) and she mentioned that she wished she had recorded I did it today with Gemma O'Brien from CrossFit Rush Hour in Sydney's West. It is really simply and you just have to listen to the words and instructions and get the idea for yourself - watch how Gemma nearly falls over a few times during this process because her legs become so relaxed!

Core Stability Podcast with Brad Sheppard from CPTW

Last week, I had the privilege of having a chat with Brad Sheppard from Create PT Wealth, a business coaching group based in Australia. Brad wanted my opinion on "The Core" and some quality information for his coaching clients but Create PT Wealth have decided to release it as open to the public. During the discussion, we covered some of the following topics: What exactly is the "Core" Why are those muscles different to others? How you can apply these principles to your clients and get instant results. Thank you Brad and Jason from Create PT Wealth for hosting me on their show!

Ep 3 of The Physio Detective Podcast – A quick chat with Luke Summers

Luke Summers from CrossFit Football and Power Athlete HQ sits down with Antony The Physio Detective Lo. First question - What is CrossFit Football and why should guys AND GIRLS do it? We talk about other things including "At what point does a physio manage injury risk management" and "What is athleticism?" Click on this link to listen to the podcast.

Antony Lo on Power Athlete Radio Episode 85

This post was originally published at by Cali Hinzman. Antony the “Physio Detective” Lo joins us for this weeks episode of PA Radio.  The group discusses new ways to assess movement, limiting factors, and how Ant came up in the physio world.  His unique upbringing led him down a very important path in asking all the right questions, challenging the system and traditional study of the body.  Hear some of Antony Lo’s criticisms and praises about the sport of fitness. SHOW TIMELINE 0:45 The most aggressive “Put another shrimp on the barbie” you’ve ever heard.  3:00 What’s going on in Australia and why is beer more expensive than a box of wine? 4:30 Antony Lo tells all.  Most athletes are jammed up because of ‘overcooked’ positions. 7:40 Close your eyes, imagine three guys, touching eachother’s…ribs.  #Beefquake 9:00  Ant’s athlete assessment is top notch. 12:00 The Physio Detective is tasked with finding “holes in your game”. 15:00 Empowering athletes to work on their weaknesses. 19:00 Ant helps provide the mind-muscle connection. 22:00 Who is the least jammed up of the Power Athlete Staff? 27:45 Tex discusses his most recent article on planes and axis of motion. 30:00 Planes of motion that are the most frequently ignored in training. 40:15 Everyone makes mistakes- even the Physio Detective.  Not everyone admits it. 45:16 Challenging beliefs and finding mentors.  Keys to success. 47:00 Cali discusses her article on unconventional ways to change up their training. 50:00 Steve used to post the humidity to the CFFB boards. ... Read More

Antony Lo 2hr chat at Power Athlete HQ – raw, unscripted and unedited!

This was originally posted at by Luke Summers. Follow the link to watch the video. The Power Athlete crew sits down with our friend Antony Lo, the Physio Detective, for a candid Q & A.  Antony came and visited with us after the CrossFit Games to talk shop so we can better align on our sometimes “diverging positions” on things like tension, and movement. What we discovered is that it all comes down to the idea that Ant is a Healthcare Practitioner, and we are Performance Whores.  What we find is that those two ends of the spectrum can align with just a little bit of discussion and establishing context. Enjoy! If you haven't been to, check out their training websites including CrossFit Football.