Stressed? This is the easiest relaxation technique you will ever do

Gemma RelaxingI have used this technique for nearly a decade now...I recently did it in Chicago for someone while having dinner with Sandy Hilton (from Entropy Physio in Chicago) and she mentioned that she wished she had recorded I did it today with Gemma O'Brien from CrossFit Rush Hour in Sydney's West. It is really simply and you just have to listen to the words and instructions and get the idea for yourself - watch how Gemma nearly falls over a few times during this process because her legs become so relaxed!

So the way it goes is this:

  1. Find a relaxing time in your life - either a picture or a movie type of situation - make sure you feel good in that moment
  2. Mess around with things like the lighting, colours, temperature, zooming in or out, sounds, flavours, sensations etc etc until you have maximised the feeling of relaxation
  3. Give this time a colour - the first colour that pops into your head - this is the colour associated with the feeling of relaxation
  4. Pour the colour into your brain and let it saturate everything it touches - it is all about the flow and the words and the feeling of relaxation as the colour goes to where you think about it
  5. Put extra colour into the resistant areas
  6. Open your eyes and make sure you notice how good you feel!

That's it...another secret weapon of mine is made public - enjoy it!


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