CrossFit Open 15.1 and 15.1a Thoughts and Advice

It is time!

CrossFit Games Open - 15.1 is

AMRAP 9mins
15 TTB
10 Deadlift 115/75lbs
5 Snatches 115/75lbs...

15.1a is
6mins to get a 1RM C+J


Nice WOD to open up the 2015 season. It will be a classic CrossFit triplet with a 1RM clean and jerk under fatigue. Managing your fatigue (grip and your energy) will be the key to getting the best weight for 15.1a.

Toes to Bar Advice - Firstly - DO NOT TEAR YOUR HANDS!!! Last year, my advice was that singles are faster than doing 5 and then a relative long rest - that advice is still relevant for most CrossFitters. This is going to be grip intensive so the TTB in bunches will help most people - don't wait for failure but plan for it now and take shorter breaks. Remember that last year had 50 TTB in that work out - if you get past 3 rounds of this workout, you are likely to be doing the same or more TTB. More TTB advice is here...

Deadlift Advice - This is the easiest part of the workout so you can rest while you work. Normally I don't like switch grip but in this kind of workout, it can really help you. Preserve your back, bend from your hips and go for a good tempo. You can pick up a good few secs if you transition into the snatch but everyone has their preferences. More Deadlift advice is here...

Snatches Advice - It is only 5. Get these done as singles to preserve your grip if you have to. Rest while moving to the bar. More Snatch advice is here...

Overall, for 15.1, consistency will be the key. Just keep moving and stay in control.

Clean and Jerk Advice - Don't think you will get your new PB after the 9mins of work earlier. I'm thinking about 80-90% of your 1RM would be about right. Load your weights by pulling towards you. Taking weights off the same way. Sort out the weights you want and hit your targets. Have your Plan B ready. For the first lift, aim to get it done after about 2mins rest and choose a weight to put a score on the board. Your second lift can be 90secs later. I suggest you start the routine to go for your third lift at 30secs to go...don't leave it too late and rush because rushing at your heaviest weight is not smart.


Warm Up:

The key here is to get ready for your back, shoulders and hips. For 15.1, depth of squat shouldn't be an issue for most unless you have to squat snatch the weight. After all that high hip position work, your heavy clean and jerk will have to be ready to go.

1. Dynamic warm up - motion is lotion people.
a. Light KB movements - Deadlift, KB Swings, Goblet Squats, Power Clean and Jerk - 3 rounds of 5reps each is a nice go to and easy warm up
b. Dynamic FADDER exercise - I am currently trying to upload the video for this... stay tuned - this is one of the QUICKEST ways my hips warm up
c. Sciatic nerve mobilisations - I am currently trying to upload this video as well...
d. Hanging bar warm-ups - kipping and shoulder warm-up on the bar, elevation and depression work, knee raises progressing into TTB when ready.
e. Clean and Jerk Warm Up - move through and get to your opening weight.



This WOD will jack up your arms and maybe even your back if you are not used to high rep low load movements.

The key for me is to get the nerves and muscles to move and keep moving to help the recovery process. I will be posting some neural mobilisations soon - I have been hesitant in the past because these things can flare someone up quite easily...ask someone at the box who is a Physio or other health professional to help you with your neural mobilisations. Quite often they look like muscle stretch positions but I want you to keep moving with only a 3 secs pause at the end of range. The key here is to help the brain feel that area is "safe" and reduce the muscle protective spasms.

I have always found the use of compression garments like Skins, athletics 8 etc etc to be helpful. It is up to you how you feel about these things.

Rolling, massage, using a spikey ball etc etc are again up to you...all of these things help you to relax your muscles. Keep it comfortable. Remember your ribs!!  

Drink to thirst and eat good food to recover - some of you use post-workout shakes...feel free to use them.   


In the end, it is just another workout.

Good luck out there! I might edit this post once I have done the workout in the next 6 hours.

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