Knee pain? Develop hip control


Today, you are going to do something about your hip control. You will first test it, then train it.

Testing your hip control.

The easiest is to do step up. Place your right foot on a step, while maintaining that position, gently lift your left foot off the step. Have a look at your leg. Your and, knee and hip pointer bone (ASIS) should all be in one line. If it isn't, you have a problem. Repeat for the left leg.

Retraining your hip control

Obviously what I do is more complicated than this but this is a good place to start. Do the same thing as the test but keep your left foot on the ground or step below. The amount of weight you use is dependent on how well you can keep a good position. You can also put your hand on the rail if you like.

Start with as many reps as possible with good form and aim to do 3-5 sets of 5-15 reps. Go as deep as you can maintaining control. As you get better, take away the left foot or hand on the rail as support. You can use a bigger step/box or add weights to progress.

Sometimes the simplest exercises are the best - let me know how you get on doing this one 🙂


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