My Thoughts on Step Classes, Step Aerobics, BodyStep

This post is for my cousin Christine 🙂

Step Class

In an earlier post about my weight loss journey <click here to read it> I talk about how I lost 32kg. Step class was integral to that! I love step aerobics!

The Good...

  1. A great cardio workout - there is nothing like working up a sweat in a step class. It is fun, the music is happy and boppy and the time flies quite quickly
  2. It strengthens and develops endurance in your legs - far too many people have weak knees and hips. Step class is a great way to begin strengthening them both!
  3. The coordination required to do the more complex moves provides a good challenge. I used to go up the front simply because nearly everyone knew I was a physiotherapist so I had extra incentive to work hard and not screw things up! It worked. I never slackened off and I eventually learned the difference between a grapevine and a step-ball change!

The Bad...

  1. It is hard to do step class if you already have bad knees. You can do step class without the step but if you like to hide, this is not the class for you!
  2. It is a relatively high impact class - there are low impact options but this means less calories burned! Please take care and ensure your body can tolerate the impact
  3. Some people are born with 2 left feet - it is REALLY obvious if you can't pick up the moves - you stick out like a sore thumb!

The Ugly!

  1. Too many people have weak hip external rotators so they let their knees point inside of their toes - this is asking for cartilage trouble, aching knees and even ligament and tendon damage
  2. It is easy to lose your good posture as you get tired. This can result in strained necks and backs
  3. All that bouncing around on your toes can flare up Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis - ease into the step classes!


  • Step class is a great, fun way of exercising
  • Please take special care to ensure your body is up to the task. Ease into the class, especially if you haven't done it before AND you are overweight
  • Seek professional help if you get any niggling injuries...or bigger ones. I hope not of course!

Here is a video of a fun looking advanced step class!


2 Responses

    1. Did your physio say that you had to choose forever? If I say something limiting like that, I usually put a time limit on my restriction because then people can go on forever the same way. I recommend that they recheck in 3/6/9/12 months or whenever they think they might be ready.

      Without knowing your history/story, can I boldly ask you to see your physio or at least ring and ask if you should reassess that restriction?

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