Water Polo – A great game

This post is dedicated to Aimee 🙂

Water Polo

What a game! I have seen some rough stuff in my time but when a girls water polo player has to wear more than one swimsuit because she might have it torn off her, you know there is a bit of rough stuff going on!

You need to be able to swim, tread water so well that you can get half your body out of the water, throw hard and block - all while getting kicked, punched, scratched and dunked under water.

It is quite a simple game - get the ball down to your opposition's half and throw the ball in the floating soccer-like goals. Sounds simple but it requires strength, power, agility, skill, determination and a hard head.

Key points I consider

If a water polo player comes to see me, my first thought is a shoulder injury. If not a shoulder, then a knee problem which hampers their ability to tread water. I also consider the thorax for their ability to twist and turn and generate power in their throws as well as their neck mobility since they swim a lot with their neck extended.

Is this a sport for you?

It is hard to say - if you love swimming and throwing balls and a bit of rough and tumble, then give water polo a go...but a word of warning...you better be able to swim fast and a lot as there is a lot of sprinting back and forth - oh, did i mention that you are not allowed to touch the pool floor either?!




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