Top 7 Reasons Why You Need To Be At The Singapore SIJ Level 1 Course

Antony Lo is running the SIJ Level 1 Course in Singapore this year - October 8 and 9, 2011. Details can be found at

Here are 7 reasons why you need to book right now for the course.

7. The SIJ is not taught well at university - Literally a matter of minutes was spent during Antony's undergraduate education. Get up to date with the latest knowledge on the course!

6. You don't believe that the SIJ moves - Fair enough. At this course, we will present evidence to help you decide and we use techniques that work whether you believe the SIJ moves or not!

5. You already know how to do Muscle Energy Techniques - That's great! They form just one small part of the management of a patient. The model presented on this course is more complete, logical and based on the latest information. This course is so much more than just MET

4. You hate not knowing what to do next...understandable. This course will present a clear clinical reasoning approach so you can plan your next move and make good decisions.

3. You want to learn from someone who is different, who is practical and who is willing to assist you - even after the course.

2. You learn best by watching how it is done then practicing how to do it. There is a large practical component to this course.

1. You want to learn, be inspired and help people with low back pain. The number of people who you can help with the assessment and treatment techniques you will learn will add up to the thousands.


The Early Bird rate closes in less than 2 weeks! Book your place now at

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