Why I love Crossfit Effects (CFX)… and always will

Crossfit Effects (CFX) is where I started my Crossfit journey. Mick Shaw and his coaches have been a fantastic resource and the friends I have made there have meant that Crossfit is one of the longest things that I have stuck with for quite some time - I try to go 5-6 times per week.

Because I sold my business, I needed to find rooms to rent. Unfortunately, CFX is within the area that I cannot work in under the terms of the sale contract - and fair enough too. I have been negotiating with some different places where I can rent a room and continue to see my patients. Because of this, I will be leaving CFX to train where I work (the subject of another blog - this blog is about CFX).

The purpose of this blog post is to clearly outline that I am leaving CFX on good terms, to acknowledge how much it has changed my life and to encourage others who want to try Crossfit to try it at CFX.

Things I like about CFX

  • The Technique Coaching - Mick runs a tight ship and is always coaching us on correct technique. Being a physiotherapist, I love this aspect as I firmly believe that getting your technique right will maximize your performance potential and reduce the risk of injury.
  • The Community - The people that go to CFX are friendly, encouraging and do stuff outside of the box (Crossfit gym). I have learned a lot from them, I have been privileged to help them and I will stay in touch with them - The Community it what makes the Crossfit environment so addictive (to the lovers of Crossfit) and the reason why the haters call Crossfit a "cult". It isn't a cult, it is just a bunch of positive, friendly people wishing the best for you while they are trying their best as you work towards common goals together.
  • The Equipment - CFX has some good quality equipment. Mick is always upgrading bars, boxes, rigs, weight plates, etc. I have seen other Crossfit boxes - the gear Mick has is first class... this alone makes it good value for money!
  • The New Faces - CFX always has new members coming through and it is great to meet new people and watch how they improve. It is inspiration to keep getting better. It is also a sign that Mick is doing something right 🙂
  • The Location - CFX is less than 5mins from my house - who wouldn't want a top quality facility so close to home?
  • Mick Shaw - Those who have been around Crossfit in Australia for a while know how much hard work Mick has put into the Community. I saw first hand last year how many hours he was putting in to make the Regionals the success that it was. He is just as dedicated to his business and his clients and runs a good business - as someone who has run businesses for over 12 years, I can appreciate the work that goes into making things happen. He is a top quality, knowledgeable coach and a generous with his time. It should be remembered how much he has contributed to Crossfit in Australia.

The future for me and CFX

I have already told Mick about where I am going and why. I still intend to keep going to CFX once or twice per week if possible as I love my friends and want to keep in touch. I will still recommend people to try Crossfit there.

CFX is where I got started on this journey and it will always be a place of happy memories, hard workouts, PBs and good times...and I plan to have that continue into the future...

...so while you may see me mention where I will be working more often, I want to make it clear that I still love and support CFX.


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  1. as

    It is a great place and I too have many treasured memories with Mick and his crew. All the best to you and CFX in all your endevours!

    1. Thanks. I have said it before and I will say it again – I am a “share the love” kind of guy. I will work hard to make everyone able to achieve the best they can be 🙂

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