Why Ice and Anti-inflammatory Medication is NOT the Answer

Interesting post. I usually don't ice things. If I recommend ice, it is for pain, not for tissue healing. Anecdotally, A bucket of water and ice seemed to help my ankle sprains recover faster than not icing.

The evidence though is in the favour of not icing...and no anti-inflams...which is why you often see me shrug my shoulders if you ask me if you should take them...I don't 🙂

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  1. alan

    Great to see ice challenged in the Physio world. I think and work often within a Traditional Chinese Medicine framework which has always viewed ice (cold) as one of the 6 evils that bring harm to our bodies. Hard to argue with a medical system that pre-dates Christ. As is often the case lately, we are just returning to what is natural.

    1. Thanks Alan.

      I think all systems merely try to describe what they observe and merely try to explain why something works. TCM is like that. I don’t actually believe in energy meridians etc etc but I respect that they are trying to describe relationships that are observed.

      The western approach of using ice to restrict blood flow to the area etc etc.

      In the end, all we have left is the science to investigate and try to determine what really happens.

      It would appear that ice isn’t helping…

  2. Too many people think that ice will just make it go away. Ice is something that is a temporary treatment to make sure that swelling does not occur or helps swelling go down. Do not just ice it as some people think, seek a professional for the best treatment for your injury.

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