A simple tip for solving pain…

The simplest things are often overlooked by therapists.

I saw a patient recently who had wrist pain for over a year. She had told other therapists that it feels like her ribs and her neck are causing the problems. She was told it was her wrist or her forearm or other things but nothing worked.

Well, the patient was right. Her ribs were affecting her neck and giving her wrist pain. A bit of treatment and suddenly 98% of her pain was gone.

How did I work out the problem?

I simply listened to my patient and what she thought the problems were and tested those areas first. If I didn't do that, and she didn't get better, she would always wonder if her ribs and neck were the main problem.

The moral of the story: Listen to your patients. They often know best, no matter how seemingly strange their theories are 🙂

Do you ever feel your therapist doesn't listen to you? Do you have a good example of where your intuition was right? Let us know below.

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