Video Analysis of a Squat – Jeremiah Treadwell from Sammish CrossFit

Jeremiah Treadwell is a great guy I met while training at Sammamish Crossfit in Seattle, USA. He has kindly allowed me to critique his squat publicly.


Things to note on Jeremiah's Squat:

  1. Whilst his neck position is not ideal, he remains relatively stable in his upper back.
  2. He does do a "butt wink", and this hip limitation drives his excessive motion in the spine.
  3. The main area that bleeds force is in his thoracolumbar junction - where the thorax meets the lower back
  4. His legs are quite strong - it is almost like he wants to stand up like in a "good morning" movement
  5. The solution for Jeremiah is to learn to stabilise that mid back whilst he is improving the hip mobility.

If you would like video feedback on your issues, just let me know.

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