Antony Lo on Power Athlete Radio Episode 49



This post is originally from written by Luke Summers. Click on the link to go to the website and listen - you can stream it or download it from the Power Athlete HQ website.

Power Athlete Nation, you are in for a special treat this week. The Physio Detective himself, Antony Lo, joins the team to discuss his unique approach to improving stability and range of motion. Grab your foam rollers and get comfortable as the group talks about their thoughts on the Crossfit Open, making the best player better, when to start training kids, and how to stay relaxed during strenuous training.


  • 0:00 Intro and Opening
  • 1:20 Naperville Seminar Recap
  • 4:10 The Physio Detective
  • 6:58 Wholistic View vs. Traditional Approach
  • 8:50 Local, Upstream, Downstream
  • 13:30 Thoughts On The Open
  • 16:57 How To Decrease Force Bleed
  • 22:52 Hip And Femur Angles Affecting Your Squat? Find out with Craig’s Test
  • 26:27 Can You Make Fast, Faster?
  • 33:42 Tools For Self Analysis
  • 36:06 Sean Eagan: How Early Is Too Early?
  • 57:48 Genes By Environmental Adaptation
  • 1:05:50 Staying Stable In A Relaxed State
  • 1:10:49 Wade’s Army Update
  • 1:12:27 Plugs And Closing Thoughts

Many thanks guys for having me on the show.

If you haven't been to, check out their training websites including CrossFit Football.

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