CrossFit Open Workout 14.1 Tips

Ok, CrossFit Open Workout 14.1 has been released.

10mins As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible (AMRAP) of

30 Double Unders  (click on the link to get some tips on how to improve your double unders)

15 Snatches at 75#/55#  (click on the link to get some tips on how to improve your snatches)


My initial thoughts:

General Thoughts:

    update: I just did 14.1 - clean grip muscle snatch works REALLY well.

  1. This is a cardio-intensive workout - which sucks for me! hahaha
  2. Pace will be important. Choose a pace you can maintain rather than going out as hard as you can and then resting more than you are working
  3. If you can't double under, your score won't be so good
  4. Short event means you MUST be efficient on the transitions
  5. Don't move your feet on the snatch unless you really need to
  6. Your grip will be POUNDED - double unders do take it out of your shoulders and arms
  7. It is a high-rep workout. Stay efficient and don't waste and energy on no-reps. Also, because it is ground to overhead, consider using the power clean and jerk to stay moving faster and conserve your strength
  8. Borderline Regionals Athletes may want to do this workout a number of times to improve their score - the double unders are where the scores will be made up...and a blanket will thrown over the top athletes...they will be THAT close!


  1. Shoulders and lower limbs will need warming up. Your back needs stability. My tip is to keep it simple - bear crawls, some skipping, some hang power snatches to start
  2. DO NOT STRETCH. If you must stretch, warm up with movement first, then stretch, then get dynamic again carefully before adding load.
  3. Timing and Coordination are the key to this workout. If you can keep your warmup focused on this, then you will do well.
  4. To avoid the inevitable "back jack", practice keeping your back straight

The Workout

  1. Go consistently from the start. If you are a Games athlete or Regionals athlete, then you will be trying to go unbroken as long as possible. Otherwise choose to break it up as you need to but go from the start - preserve your grip. If you go until failure, it will require a lot more rest to get back to being able to do multiple reps
  2. If you DO NOT have double unders, don't despair. Just keep doing one at a time. It may be that single-single-double under is a viable strategy for you - you will only be able to count the double unders though. Even standing there, jumping high and getting the rope around twice should be good enough to count as a is just REALLY hard work!
  3. Ideally, you should muscle snatch these until you have to power snatch. When you reload for the next rep, load up the hamstrings, glutes and then the back for maximum assistance from passive/active tension.
  4. Plan to have your rope set up so you can set in and start skipping. Keep your barbell close.
  5. Plan your rest time as your transition time. Set yourself a goal of only resting "x" seconds and try to stick to that strategy. If you drop the bar, count 5secs and go again.

Cool Down

  1. Ok, NOW you can stretch. Make sure you get your calves, back and pecs
  2. Keep moving when you can. You will see me on the ground for a while but I am always moving my legs and arms
  3. Sit in a deep squat to open up some joints. The Double Unders will compress you and the Snatches will too.

Ask Questions

If you have any specific questions, please ask them here. I can help provide my opinion on coping with niggles you might have during this and other workouts.

Good luck and let the Games begin!!

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  1. Caryl Anne

    I agree that having the right pace and equipment in place is what makes or breaks a workout. Both factors are important because they help to make the workout productive and efficient. Thanks for sharing your post!

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