Weightlifting Shoes vs Nanos?

Hi Antony, I have something I would be interested in you addressing... After working extensively on my lower body mobility I have decided to make the shift from weightlifting shoes to nanos.

Is there any actually physiological reason why it would be better to go either may? Also would lifting in nanos transfer better to other movement patterns such as sprinting and jumping?

or is this totaly irrelevent and Im over thinking it? haha

Thanks. I really enjoy following you, all the way from the Great White North.

Hi Lucas [Calm down, it's not Lucas Parker!]. Thanks for the kind words and the questions 🙂

Firstly, do you CrossFit or just weightlifting? Because if you just do weightlifting, it is a specialised sport and the shoes go with that. They give you an advantage in that you don't need as much ankle dorsiflexion to reach essentially the same positions. They also provide a very stable platform on which you can catch weights more easily.

If you muck around in weightlifting and train for other things as well or if you do CrossFit, the I personally think 80-90% of your training should be in Nanos of something similar.

Reasons why:

1. Nanos mean you have to have more ankle flexibility. I have never thought "you have too much ankle flexibility", just "you need stronger ankles." Most of the time I think "you need more ankle flexibility" which is what oly shoes address.

2. If you CrossFit, you don't want heavy shoes when trying to finish 100 pull-ups or toes to bar. That's not a problem if you only throw a barbell around

3. Would you normally walk around in Nanos or WL shoes when not training? Exactly

4. It is harder to clean and snatch with Nanos on...kinda like putting a weight-vest on for pull-ups. So when you do actually use your special shoes, you will feel like superman. Make sure that you train for at least a week in WL shoes before an important meet for WL.

5. As you mention, Nanos will transfer into other sports much easier... although I am not sure what shoes you use to get around the snow and ice in Canadia land 😉

Keep an eye out for Brent Fikowski. He is a chance for Canada West and would love to see him get to the Games 😉


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  1. Claudia

    Hi Anthony I’m coming back from a list franc injury and my Dr doesn’t like the nanos. He wants me to wear motion control shoes. Would you happen to have some input on that. Thank you

    1. Hi Claudia. I wear orthotics in my Nano 2.0’s. I find the Nanos more stable than my runners and every other show that I have worn before (for sports). I guess if a motion control shoe is one that feels heavy and blocks movement, ok…

      …perhaps ask a good sports podiatrist to assess you in “motion control” shoes and your Nanos. Get him to film you walking on a treadmill. If you look better in the Nanos, I would be considering showing the doctor the video.

      How did you do the Lisfranc injury?

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  4. roman wagner

    Do you believe that it would be more beneficial to do strength sessions in oly shoes and metcons in nanos? Or would it be more beneficial to do both strength and metcons in nano’s. I only ask because I know that I am stronger in oly shoes though I feel when I try to do the olympic movements in nano’s it might effect my form or strength in those areas. Is it worth the extra strength I am getting to use the Oly’s? Any help or input you have would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Roman

      I always ask people to be good in as many variations as possible. I am a fan of being able to lift in nanos and if you can only lift less, then keep working at making it better.

      If you are competing, then use the oly shoes but I think you will get better benefit for life in increasing your ability to use many different types of footwear.


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